Further Development

  • The ability to describe the availability of resources (locations, student-body & teacher), is limited to whole days rather than individual time-slots. This inhibits precise configuration of teachers who're contracted to be available for only part of some of the days in their working-week, & prevents configuration of locations which are available for only part of some days (perhaps because it's booked by something outside the domain of the current problem).

  • The courses on which a student-body enrols, are configured as either core or optional in the context of that student-body's education, & don't reflect on their inherent worth. This classification merely permits weekdaze to attempt to limit any failures to meet a student's Knowledge-requirements, to those courses personally designated optional. Course-selection is assumed to be overseen by some external authority, to ensure that each student-body studies an appropriate set. One could alternatively qualify a course, with the credit a student would earn from studying it, & require that the set of courses studied, should meet a minimum credit-threshold, which would remove the requirement to oversee course-selection to ensure sufficient academic rigour.

  • There's currently no mechanism for exporting the results in a CSV-format suitable for import into a management-information system, as may be used by a school to record other data. Since the required CSV-format is unknown, this requirement should probably be met by some external translator between the XML which can be returned by weekdaze (though currently only when executed from the command-line) & the required CSV.

  • The splitting of a double-lesson over morning break, lunchtime, or a free periods, may for some courses be preferable to splitting it with a lesson in a different subject, but this distinction isn't currently addressed by the available criteria.

  • weekdaze has neither any concept of the time-duration between time-slots within any day, nor of the physical coordinates of any location, so it is unable to assess the feasibility of the journey between locations.

  • weekdaze currently only caters for timetables spanning one week (the requirements for all other weeks, are assumed to be identical), but timetables spanning multiple weeks, are required either to facilitate scheduling of courses whose Minimum Consecutive Lessons exceeds their Required Lessons-per-week The disadvantage in such multi-week timetables, is the difficulty in faultlessly following such a routine, particularly if the students are young & the timetables for each of the constituent weeks are utterly different, so the most likely requirement is for a fortnightly timetable, where the alternative weeks varying only slightly.

  • Desirable time-slots should be evenly allocated amongst similarly specified courses, to avoid those students on one of the courses gaining an unfair advantage over those on the other course.

  • The timetable for examination-level students is more critical than those for other students, & may need to be prioritised.

  • Teachers who offer a broad Service, may need to allocate their total teaching-time by department.