About WeekDaze

This is the web-interface to a command-line application called "weekdaze". It facilitates configuration of school-timetable problems, any of which can then be forwarded to weekdaze to search for a suitable solution. Configuration requires specification of all the available resources (teachers, students & rooms), the subjects taught by teachers & required by students, & any further constraints on the solution; you'll be guided through this process & it's free.

A few cookies are stored on the client-side, but your configuration is stored on the server-side, which is also where weekdaze is run.

This web-site was build using the Yii-framework. Images were composed using GIMP, with minor use of gnuplot & LibreOffice/Formula. The video-tutorial was recorded using recordMyDesktop, the audio from which was then cleaned using Audacity before being edited & transcoded using Kdenlive.

This site has been tested with; Google's Chrome-43, Mozilla's Firefox-37, Microsoft's Internet Explorer-11, & Microsoft's Edge-20.

Internet Explorer-8 is guaranteed to make a pig's ear of it.